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Baltimore Ravens Physical Therapy
The Importance of Physical Therapy to the Baltimore Ravens
Physical therapy, as defined in The New International Webster's Collegiate Dictionary of the English Language (2002 edition), is the treatment of disability or disease by external physical means, such as heat, massage, exercise, etc.

Physical therapy is a general requirement for everyone to stay fit and healthy. However, certain groups of individuals require physical therapy in a more in-depth level, especially those who had met accidents, in need of anatomical corrections due to birth deformities, and the like.

Another large group that needs physical therapy as a staple part in their daily regimen is athletes. Constant rigorous activities in line with fields of sports require more physical strain than your average daily actions. Sports not only connote the ultimate physical perfection of a human body, but it also means injuries and game-related accidents.

One of the most accident-laden form of sports is football, where players tackle one another in order to get a goal, resulting in such injuries that may permanently incapacitate an individual for life.

Watching a football game on TV is like watching the gladiators of ancient Rome, albeit, in a modern setting and with bodily protection. Yet, despite the pads that are incorporated in football uniforms, injuries to the neck, back, midsection, knee and ankles cannot be avoided. Once a player is injured, he is either given time to rest in the team's dug-out, or, as per recommendation of paramedics present in every game, the player would need hospitalization.

Last Saturday, January 12, 2013, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Denver Broncos 38 to 35, in favor of the Ravens and the game was tagged as a fairytale that never ended. Many Ravens supporters were more than satisfied to see their team win and contend for the top spot.However, behind the bleachers, the cheering crowd and the spotlight, the Ravens also sustained losses in terms of injuries. They may have won the game, but the team needs rehabilitation before the next battle against the New England Patriots.

An article about injuries sustained by members of the Baltimore Ravens was posted on the website The website cited several team members who have sustained injuries, while some were even asked not to play due to existing injuries from previous games. Wide receiver AnquanBoldin sustained shoulder injuries, while fellow wide receiver Tandon Doss and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe both had ankle injuries. Full back Vonta Leach had ankle and knee injuries.

Physical therapy had been incorporated in the daily exercise of these players, and in order to for the regimen to actually work, the players need to follow instructions from the physical therapist assigned to them. Their injuries need time to heal, and it is not advisable for a player to continue the program by himself, despite the physical fitness of these athletes.

In addition, team effort must not only consist of game play. The entire team is also required to help each member, especially during the recuperation period. Pre-habilitation is also a must, to prevent future injuries that might worsen the existing ones. Being familiar with the types of injuries sustained in a game and what activities can help heal such injuries faster would surely boost team morale, paving the way for more winnings.

With close supervision, the Ravens would be able to recuperate in no time, and be ready for the next game.
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