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Columbia Maryland Physical Therapy  
In the Columbia Physical Therapy clinic work well educated physiotherapists, who are constantly educating themselves about new developments and achievements in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation in the form of specialized courses, manual techniques and concepts, lectures and workshops. They are qualified for the evaluation of the patient's condition, in collaboration with a specialist doctor; they plan the course of treatment and procedures, attending therapy in the form of individual or group exercises, various physical procedures as well as exercises in the pool to ensure your rehabilitation as soon as possible best results. Part of their job is evaluating the therapeutic effects, working to prevent occurrence of any damage, and educating patients after rehabilitation on how to prevent pain, how to properly hold and move, and how to customize activities and environment arranging for easier everyday life.

Columbia Physical Therapy clinic specialized in the area of the pool Hydrokinesitherapy. Kinesitherapy in the pool with warm water provides the ability to create rehabilitation program which acting on the limb unloading. The relaxation power of the water helps to create a very pleasant atmosphere during rehabilitation.  Special programs are intended for people who wish kinesitherapy suit a particular diagnosis, with the possibility of individual work with a physical therapist in the pool or by showing exercises with the apparatus for the kinesitherapy in the water. Group kinesitherapy is implemented with a maximum 2 people in the pool (exceptionally 3-4), according to pre-defined diagnosis group.

Preoperative physiotherapy is a very important in Columbia Physical Therapy clinic because it speeds recovery of the patient. According to the agreed operating procedure, we start with electrotherapy and individual exercises. Upon completion of surgery and removing sutures we begin with postoperative rehabilitation, which must be complex and individual, depending on each patient. Therapists in collaboration with physicians define type of therapy depending on the phase of rehabilitation.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system become modern and most common problem of today. There is a growing occurrence of pain and disorders related for the cervical and lumbar sine. Our doctors often recommend exercise in the pool, individual manual techniques in the hall and analgesic procedures.

Columbia Physical Therapy clinic can heal all your wounds, whether physical or psychological. From our clinic you will get healthy and happy, with a desire to live.


Columbia Physical Therapy clinic offers:
  • Electrotherapy
  • Kinesitherapy in Hall
  • Kinesitherapy in the pool
  • Special techniques
  • Massage and manipulation
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