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My 16 year old son, Adam, was referred to Connie Nudell at Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy from HeadFirst after he suffered a concussion playing soccer. What a wonderful place this is! When we first walked in the doors, Adam was having many symptoms as a result of his concussion, the most significant being dizziness and lack of balance. Immediately, Connie was warm, understanding and listened to what Adam had to say. She did a thorough history and exam.
She then tailored a rehabilitation program specifically designed for Adam and worked with him patiently over the next 2+ months as he made progress. When my referring doctor first said that Connie was located in Columbia, almost 40 minutes away from us and with much closer physical therapy practices, I was reluctant to drive the distance. I got over that reluctance after the first visit. Connie and the team at Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy have been well worth all
the driving! Connie started Adam out with simple exercises focused on improving his balance and trying to decrease his dizziness. She knew that Adam's goal was to get back on the sports field as soon as possible. As he began to improve, she added in more exercises designed to get Adam back into shape so he could go back to playing soccer, basketball & volleyball. Less than a week after our last appointment, Adam was back on the basketball court. The entire team is helpful, friendly and everyone is patient-centered. We are lucky to have been referred to Connie at Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy and
know we have a great resource should we ever have the need again. Thank you all so much!

I was really fed up with the pain I was experiencing in my knee and the surrounding areas. Nothing I did seemed to relieve the pain. One of my friends directed me to the Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy website. With nothing to lose, I decided to make an appointment with their therapist. The therapist explained to me that they would work on a combination of ice, heat and stretch exercises to relieve my pain. I admit to being skeptical during my first visit. But now when I move around without hobbling because of the excessive ache in my knees, I thank that friend for telling me about this therapeutic center.

I hate the day I decided to celebrate my thirtieth birthday with a poolside party. I slipped on some spilled water and bumped my shoulder so hard against the tiles that I injured it. The worst part about a shoulder injury is the in ability to explain just how painful it is! Eventually people get tired of listening to you complaints and you are stuck with trying to deal with your pain with a smile. I still remember the first time I spoke to a professional therapist from Chesapeake Therapy for a solution. She heard me out at length without once interrupting my tirade. Here's the best part - she actually understood my pain and told me there was a solution for it! It was a long process, but the entire team was patient with me. I could not have resumed my crazy work life without their support.

When you are twenty eight and you get bed ridden with a knee replacement surgery, it does feel like the end of the world. All the well wishers pouring in to greet me at the hospital kept telling me how it would be really difficult for me to get back on my feet again. I am a wild life photographer and trekking into the thick of forests is crucial to my profession and hobby. Without the use of my knee this dream would come to an end. I used to spend hours and hours crying on my hospital bed. My sister discovered Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy online. We sat together and read through the testimonials. It was very encouraging and I decided to give their therapist a shot. Seven months later, I am packed and ready to set out on my next assignment, with my knee feeling no strain of the surgery!

I call the therapists of Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy Miracle Workers! There is no other way I could have overcome the pains caused by the neck sprain I had when my car crashed against the curb. They had a wide array of solutions which could work for me. A good combination of an experienced therapist and regular exercise has worked wonders for me!

Before I opted for therapy my injury had me feeling very sad because it restrained me from carrying out parts of my daily routine. My condition was handled by very friendly therapists who also let me in on how to prevent future injuries. The skills of the therapists affiliated to Chesapeake physical and aquatic therapy, their ability to listen and their accurate evaluation of the extent of injury and pain makes them the best healing partners. These days I move around healed back to my normal health condition.

For a long time I thought I would never had a chance to walk right again. This was until I heard of Chesapeake physical and aquatic therapy. This, I must admit this turned out to be the most rewarding experience. First, the staff (therapists) was very friendly, knowledgeable and well experienced, they used their expert skills to evaluate my injury and pain status. The fact that I was also entitled to a free injury screen made it even better. My knee injury started to look less threatening under the expert guidance of their skillful hands and the future held the promise of a pain free time!

I never thought I would need physical therapy until I started experiencing severe back aches after my routine exercises from an injury earlier on. It was at that point that I decided to check out the physical health professionals (therapists of physical therapy Maryland) for a solution to my condition and as expected this turned out to be a very rewarding experience and from that first encounter with the dedicated staff(team of therapists) I couldn't ask for more. I mean the therapy sessions were fantastic and were actively driven towards helping achieve quick recovery. Today I am able to go about my daily routine undisturbed. In fact, I feel even more active than I did before the physical therapy.

Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy actively drove me to my recovery. I remember feeling sad and overwhelmed by the pain from my injury. I almost lost hope of ever fully recovering until I had my first experience with the therapists. The staff closely worked with me, helping me manage my flexibility and strength as this was the key to quick recovery from injury. As time went by I progressed from being dependant on the pills to being independent of oral medication.

I still remember the staff of Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy addressing all the pain related issues as a result of my injury. Their dedication and quality of health care positively influenced my recovery. I was involved in flexibility and strength management - a move which stopped me from being dependant on pills. The staff used their expert skills and knowledge to help me find out the best way possible to overcome the pain I was experiencing. I am forever grateful to them. Today I am more than able to go about handling my daily responsibilities comfortably.

Despite having tried therapy in the past without much improvement I decided to try out Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy to help me deal with the back pain I sustained from an injury in the past. This actually turned out to be the best experience because only after a few therapeutic sessions I started noticing improvements in my mobility. In fact upon completion of the whole program I my movements had been restored to a level where I could actively engage in normal routines and exercises as I did when I was young and energetic. Thanks to the physical therapy I am now able to enjoy most aspects of my life.

At Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy, we take great pride in the quality of care we provide to each of our patients. It delights us to witness first hand the progress made by each and every one of them. When they walk through the door, we are happy to know that they have entrusted us with their care, but it is when they leave in full health that we are most excited.

Each of their stories serves as a reminder as to why we do what we do as well as motivation for others who may be going through the same rehabilitative process. Please read what some of our patient's have said about their experience with us.

"Holy Cow, they'd never believe it... if my friends could see me now... " The lines from this old somg seem to say it all. On January 8, 2007, I had a total knee replacement. Although I had been in pain for almost a year, nothing prepared me for the work that was ahead of me as I entered into the next phase of my life, post surgical rehab. I spent the first three and a half weeks at home with in-house care that included a visiting therapist three times a week and a visiting nurse twice a week. I hobbled into the surgeons office for my three week follow up visit, to be told my rotation was only 65% and my extension was equally poor. If I could not get to 90% by six weeks, I was told I would be a candidate for "surgical rotation" under general anesthesia. Panicked, depressed and convinced that I was never going to get anywhere near 90% rotation, I entered into the world of my beloved "physical terrorists" at Chesapeake Therapy.

There was no way I was assured that I was going to hit that 90% mark by the sixth week, and was told we had plenty of hard work to do, but everyone was committed to my full rehab. So with Mary, Rene, and Meghan along with their trusty aides Janice and Cara, I began a five day a week therapy program that tested my strength, boosted my spirits, and gave me my life back. At six weeks I met and exceeded my 90% goal. I was allowed to rest for about five minutes before my therapists set new more ambitious goals... climbing the stairs, riding a bike, doing the infamous "wall slide". Through it all my therapists became my greatest cheerleaders and champions.

Whether in the pool or on land, their goal was to return me to my full and active life. Seven weeks after surgery, I was back at work full time. Eight weeks past, I was again traveling and walking the beach. Today, four months later, I am once again going for long bike rides, hiking with my grandchildren, and enjoying every aspect of my life.

It was with a little sadness, but great gratitude, that I accepted my "graduation" t-shirt on Friday, May 15th, just shy of four months post surgery and almost three months to the day that I entered Chesapeake. I could never have done it alone, and will always remember these wonderful health professionals as my own personal miracle workers.

Thank you so much! Being addicted to distance-running endorphins, I was starting to get pretty down that I wouldn't be able to run again. Through the expert skills of my therapist, her Active Release Technology, ability to listen and evaluate my pain and status, physical therapy became something I came to look forward to (even at 7 am). Everyone on the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and worked well together. I can run pain free now and more importantly, have learned how to maintain balance to prevent future injury. However, if I do get injured again, I will definitely come back! You guys are great!

This was a very rewarding experience. The staff was awesome in dealing with any issues. They are very knowledgable in their field. To the staff, thanks for helping me achieve my goals of a pain-free knee.

I have never needed physical therapy before this injury. For my first experience, I couldn't ask for more. Everyone was fantastic! Thank you for actively driving my recovery!

I was thinking I would literally not be able to walk appropriately again. But you worked with me to get back flexibility and strength. I stopped needing pain pills and now walk to do everything and don't even think about my knee. Thank you!

Thank you for helping me find the source of my burning pain and the guidance with useful tools for every day life.

I feel like Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy and my therapist helped me to get on track for recovery. My therapist helped me with two injuries that required separate exercises and attention. I appreciate the help and guidance, and feel more than welcome to call with questions on my therapy regimen. Thanks!.

The therapists were all helpful and had excellent manners. They were always willing to help me with any problem that I may have had. I was treated like I was special, so I came every visit and did not miss any. This was my third surgery and this was the best therapy. I wanted to walk without canes or assistive devices, now I can, so I accomplished my goal thanks to therapy I received here.

I am pleased to be able to sing the praises of my therapy experience. I had been undergoing other therapy with little or no improvement. After only a few sessions of aquatic therapy, I noticed improvement in my mobility. Now, after completion of the program, I find my mobility has been restored to a level where I can walk, stand, and do all the things I could do in my younger days. The experience also had a very warm human side. All the people I met, Ashley, Courtney, Janice, Meghan, Kathy, Ed, Amanda, Renee, and Rachael were the finest I could have ever hoped to meet. Thanks to all of them for getting me to where I am today!

The staff was very helpful and efficient. Meghan was excellent- treatment, support, explanations, knowledge, and ability to successfully treat the problem. I feel the office is run very well and provides excellent care.

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