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At Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy, we specialize in a number of therapeutic techniques to help improve the physical health and well being of our patients.

Manual Therapy

Manual techniques can provide significant progress to your recovery. Common techniques used in therapy at Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy include procedures such as: Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Strain-Counter Strain, Positional Release Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques, Joint Mobilization, and Hands-on Aquatic Therapy. Depending on your needs, a combined aquatic and land program may be prescribed. Manual therapy is often incorporated into both programs.


Land Therapy

Land therapy includes therapeutic activities, progressive resistance exercises, dynamic stabilization training, neuromuscular re-education, sport-specific training, muscle balance and postural work, and cardiovascular training. At Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy , we use a combination of each of these methods based on our patient's needs.

Utilizing fitness equipment and the most up-to-date physical therapy equipment, we guarantee that your comprehensive rehabilitation needs will be met and you will be returned to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.


Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy, used at very few clinics in the area, is an excellent method for initiating the rehabilitation process much more quickly following injury or surgery. The ability to initiate early intervention results in more rapid recovery.

The aquatic environment allows for decreased weight bearing on joints and decreased swelling (edema). This form of therapy is an excellent tool for strengthening the respiratory muscles and for improving motion, flexibility, and strength of the treated areas. Each of Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy 's locations is equipped with aquatic facilities with therapists who are experienced in aquatic therapy.


Orthotic Fabrication

Orthotics are full length shoe inserts made to your personal foot shape. They provide support for the foot, helping to control excessive pronatory movement which can cause mid- foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain. People who have a tendency to "over pronate" (about 70% of the population) can benefit greatly from this additional foot support. For those people whose feet are high arched and rigid (supinators), they can also benefit from full length orthotics which cushios the feet and transfers impact load to the entire surface of the bottom of the foot.  At Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy , we do an evaluation of each patients individual foot type, it's structure, and movements, and then make a plaster cast of the foot to send off to the laboratory with all of measurements and information gathered.  The therapist will then take the final product and ensure its proper fit, and educate you about how to successfully break in and maintain your new orthotic.
Welcome to Maryland's Best Physical and Aquatic Therapy - Chesapeake Physical and Aquatic Therapy!

Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy is also pleased to organize and participate in free educational seminars, various charity events and fundraisers, highlighted by our own annual Charity Event to benefit The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and Kennedy Krieger's Bennett Blazers, held in early February. For more information, please visit our events and charity pages.

Physical Therapy Pro-Bono to qualifying individuals.
Each PT in Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy will be allocated one slot in their treatment schedule to treat someone in need of care, but with limitations that would otherwise make them unable to access it. At Chesapeake Physical & Aquatic Therapy , we are committed to giving back to our communities, and hope this one-of-a kind program will benefit many people for years to come! If you, or someone you know is in need of PT care, and have special circumstances which currently prohibit you from accessing care, please share your story by emailing Doug . Each submission will be reviewed, and patients will be taken based on need, and therapist availability. You can also pick up an application for considertion at one of our offices.
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